August 23, 2016


south african hair blogger

I initially wanted to title this post 'RelaxedHairGoals' but to be honest, I don't know if my hair will still be relaxed by the end of this year.

August 17, 2016



I attended the launch of Urban Decay South Africa when it officially opened in  Johannesburg last month and what an experience it was! I also got a few goodies which I'll be reviewing in this post.

August 12, 2016


Social media has become one of my instant sources for inspiration: when I'm on the hunt to try out new makeup and hairstyles I check out YouTube or Insta, while home decor ideas are collected from Pinterest. Like most stalkers (lol, just kidding) I take a screenshot of the inspiration and store it on my phone for viewing later. What often happens though is I end up having this huge collection of screenshots that takes up the space on my phone and often gets, irritably, deleted. So I thought why not start a series on my blog that features some of the screenshots I take biweekly, so that I can keep somewhat of an archive of the things that inspire me.